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12 of the Best Worst Resumés the World has EVER Seen

Are you sure your eyes ready for what you about to see fair recruiter? Because there’s still time to turn back…. Ok, just don’t say I didn’t want you! These are 12 of the best worst resumés, recruiters just like you have had to witness first hand:

This resumé from the world’s greatest proofreader:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from Troy Green who likes to get straight to the point:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from a non-native English speaker that’s giving it his best shot, who also has a talent for fighting and lifting wild bears:

Worst Resumés


This short but sweet resumé from a promising young actor:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from a someone who ain’t gonna let calculator use hold them back from the job of their dreams:

calculator resume funny


This resumé from a VERY confident teenage boy:

Worst Resumés

This resumé from a changed man:


This resumé from a woman who believes in alternative nutrition for children:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from a lady with a reference from the big man himself:


This resumé from a real go-getter with some questionable hobbies:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from a girl who’s not afraid to ask for what she wants:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from someone who’s attended almost every Ivy League school and who was lucky enough to escape with their lives and this resumé:

Worst Resumés


This resumé from the poor soul who accidentally invented AIDS:

Worst Resumés


This reesoome from some1 totalee literit:


This resumé from an experienced cock:


This resumé from a man who’s name and face you will never be able to forget:


This resumé from someone with a questionable employment history:


This resume from the most overqualified candidate on the planet:

funny job resume


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