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13 Scarily Bad Job Ads ????

If you post job ads on a regular basis (or even of you don’t!), do yourself a favour and follow @JobPostShame on Twitter immediately! The folks who run the account do their best to “showcase the best of the mistakes” found in job adverts all over the world in an effort to get recruiters the world over to take more care and pay more attention to the job ads they post.

If you’re careless with your job ads they will look for you, they will find you and they will post it up on Twitter for the whole world to see! So take some extra care when writing that job ad today, and spend a little time per-oozling these absolute corkers!:

1. Just what does an “admininistrator” do anyway?

2. It’s very important to be “immaculatly presented”… it’s just a pity attention to detail isn’t quite as important!



3. You do learn something new every day!

4. “Bust communter”????!!!! 

5. ????



6. You say tomato, I say tomato… you say “Respite care”, I say  “rest bite care”… wait…



7. Much better than a croissant or a pastry! This place has some real perks!


8. You beat a good bit of “poof reading” for cathcing copy erorrs… 

9. Bitter much?!



10. Because the morning sh*t is just so much more fun.

11. Call child services!



12. ????

13. *hangs head in despair*


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