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Developer Jobs Dublin (A Recruitment SEO Experiment)

Developer Jobs in Dublin

Developer Jobs Dublin

This post is a test post about Developer Jobs Dublin for the purpose of testing the SEO for Jobs, in particular Java Developer positions in Dublin, Ireland.

We’re trying to see if we can get into Google’s top search results and how long it takes.  It would be nice to find some Developers for Jobs in Dublin, but that’s inconsequential.

Now let’s try adding a photo and tagging that with Java Jobs also!

OK, so here’s the update.  I posted this about 10 minutes ago and waited 90 seconds before running my search for “Developer Jobs Dublin” on Google.  Just to be sure, I modified the url to remove any cookie tracking that might show me my own results over and above natural (organic) results.  I made it to result number 7 on Page 1.  Not bad for 60 seconds work is it?  Check out the before and after screen shots below.

The Google Page 1 Results for “developer jobs dublin” before we started our experiment

The Google Page 1 Results for “developer jobs dublin” 60 seconds after we posted our blog

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