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5 Need-to-Know Pieces of Recruitment News - 1st December 2014

In the news this week:

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Oops! Twitter CFO Accidentally Tweets Confidential M&A News

Tweet in haste, repent at leisure’ is a phrase HR Grapevine believe all members of the Twitterati should be familiar with, especially Twitter’s own CFO, who accidentally tweeted confidential information earlier this week.

Yes, Anthony Noto TwitterAnthony Noto had intended to send a private Direct Message to a colleague regarding the potential acquisition of another company, but instead tweeted the news to his 9,583 followers in what is being dubbed the first ever ‘M&A DM fail‘.

The tweet read: I think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 – we will need to sell him. I have a plan. Needless, to say, speculation is now rife as to which company he was referring! And although the post was quickly deleted, plenty of his followers still managed to grab a screenshot and share it far and wide.

Who do you think he was referring to? If you’ve any guesses, leave them in the comments below.

Tumblr & Pinterest are the Fastest Growing Social Platforms

As if we didn’t need any more proof that images will be big news in 2015, now we hear this: Tumblr and Pinterest, two of social media’s most loved image-sharing platforms, have edged out Instagram to become the two fastest growing social platforms in the world today.

Tum+PinIn the last 6 months, Tumblr’s active users have grown by a phenomenal 120%, sending it straight to the top of the Global Web Index, while Pinterest’s active users have rocketed in growth by 111%, clinching it second place (be sure to check out our free whitepaper entitled ‘How to: Source Creative and Educational Professionals on Pinterest‘. Instagram dropped to third place, followed by LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, with Facebook bringing up the rear.

For mobile apps, Snapchat saw the most growth, with a 56% uptick in six months. (As a result, we’ll be dedicating an entire post to Snapchat tomorrow, detailing why we believe it will be one of the most important recruiting tools of 2015.) Facebook Messenger came in second (although that’s not surprising considering they essentially forced their users to download the companion app). And Instagram came in third for app usage, followed by Line, Pinterest, Kakao Talk and Vine.

LinkedIn Reveals Top 20 Most In-Demand UK Employers

According to LinkedIn’s 17 million UK members, the following are the most desirable companies in the land to work for.

  1. company cultureGoogle (-)
  2. John Lewis (+3)
  3. Apple (-1)
  4. BP (-1)
  5. BBC (+2)
  6. John-Lewis-LogoShell (-2)
  7. Microsoft (-1)
  8. Unilever (+1)
  9. Marks and Spencer (+1)
  10. job advertisingBurberry (+2)
  11. ITV (-)
  12. (+1)
  13. Amazon (+5)
  14. AMEC (+6)
  15. BAE Systems (+1)
  16. BP_Logo.svg (1)Harrods (New Entry)
  17. Carillion (+2)
  18. Rolls-Royce (New Entry)
  19. Goldman Sachs (-2)
  20. British Airways (-6)

Google claimed the top spot for another year, while John Lewis jumped 3 places to take second place. The BBC, Amazon and AMEC also all jumped several places to secure a Top 20 spot.

Pierre Berlin, Senior Director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions EMEA, says: The latest InDemand rankings feature a good deal of movement, with interest in the retail and construction and engineering industries in particular on the up. The competition for UK talent, both domestically and overseas, has never been fiercer, and it is no surprise that those brands investing in their employer brand are reaping the rewards.

Say Hello to TempBuddy – Temp Recruiters’ New Best Friend

We’re very big fans of anything that makes our lives easier here at Social Talent, especially anything that makes our jobs easier! So when we find tools that we think will help make your job easier, we get very excited. And TempBuddy is one of the products that got us very excited last week!

A new approach to temporary recruitment management is about to change the way recruiters think about temps“, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. TempBuddy is a revolutionary temporary recruitment management solution that improves the entire rostering, time capture and payment cycle to ensure the whole process is made faster, simpler and more efficient for both the candidate and the recruiter.


For the candidate, the app let’s them find jobs, record their time when on jobs, and get paid efficiently. Features of the app also include interactive maps to help guide them to where their next job is, and a comms system lets the employer know if the candidate is running late.

For the recruiter, the app only requires the candidate check in when they arrive at the job (and in doing so, verify their identity with a photo) and check out when they leave. TempBuddy then correlates all that information automatically and puts together timesheets, sign-off documents, invoices and payslips – saving recruiters the hassle of excessive paperwork so they can focus on finding more jobs for the temp candidate.

The whole very uncomplicated process is detailed in this handy graphic, but if you want to check out TempBuddy for yourself with a 20 minute demo from the guys, just fill in all your details here.

TempBuddy Process

LinkedIn is Prioritising Users with Published Posts

Yes, you heard me correctly, it would appear LinkedIn are now prioritising users who have published articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform in their search results.

As you can see from the screenshot below, when we searched for CTO candidates with e-Commerce experience, the first results LinkedIn brought us back were users who had posted articles:
Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 15.14.09


More interesting still was the fact that LinkedIn pushed these users over and above our 1st degree connections. We’ve asked LinkedIn to confirm whether or not this definitely is the case, but we have yet to receive a definitive answer.  We’ll let you know as soon as we do, but keep an eye on this development on your own account from today onwards.

UPDATE (2/12/14):

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