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22 Office Dogs Who Take Their Jobs Very Seriously

Human candidates are overrated. If you want a dedicated, hard-working, loyal employee, call a dog. You’ll soon see why! Happy Friday, Recruiters!

1. “I’ve always believed you should dress for the job you want.”

2. “In such a fast paced business environment, it’s just so important to keep upskilling”.

3. “We’re not supposed to make personal calls during work hours, Janet. I’m going to have to raise this with HR.”

4. “The new logo just doesn’t scream “drink me” to me. Can we ask the designers to go back to the drawing board?”

5. “Good afternoon, you’ve reached Acme Ltd., Tammy speaking, how may I direct your call?”

6. “The client specified they wanted something “classy”, Bridget. Does leopard print shout “classy” to you?!”

7. 7:40am: “First one in the office… again. Does nobody do any work around here?!”


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8. “Looks like there’s a problem with the left phalange”

9. “Good job Ted, you’ve really outdone yourself this week. Employee of the month could be on the cards.”

High fived this cutie today. My day has been made. #officedog

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10. “I need that report on my desk by COB.”

11. “To complete the transaction, I just to you to sign here, here and here.”

Peter is hard at work in the office today & he is hoping you’re doing the same! . #officelife #puppiesofinstagram #officedog

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12. “Can someone please take care of these balloons?! They’re a health hazard. Someone could really hurt themselves.”

13. “There’s only one thing for it, Mable. Turn it off, then turn it back on again.”

14. “I’m afraid the USB port appears to be damaged, that’s why you can’t connect to the big screen.”

Just another day at the office. #adventuresoftanka #workdog #officedog #puppies #puppylove

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15. “No Sir, your call is very important to us and we will do everything in our power to rectify the issue.”

16. The Overeager Intern: “I’ve finished cleaning up that database, is there anything else is I can do for you?”

My first day at the office. I hope they liked me ☺️????????????

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17. “I’m afraid your performance just isn’t up to scratch, Mike. We’re going to have to let you go.”

18. “Guys, there’s way too much chat going on over here for any real work to be getting done. Can we all just knuckle down?”

She’s such a micromanager! #pitbulls #officedog

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19. “What time do you call this, Beatrice? In this office, we start work at 9am.”

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20. “Hold the line please Madam, I’m transferring you now.”

21. “Sharon, I’m putting you in charge of the Smith account going forward.”

22. “Guys, I bought lunch for everyone!”

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