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22 Pet Peeves EVERY Recruiter Has About the Recruitment Industry

Being a recruiter can be one of the most rewarding jobs going. We get to help candidates realise their career goals and we help companies boost their profits. We are the link between great talent and their full potential and the lynchpin of our organisations. But as fabulous a job as it can be, recruitment is not without its downsides and its frustrations.

I asked our troupe of former recruiters (of which there are many in Social Talent) to share with me their biggest recruitment industry pet peeves. This is what they said:


“Active candidates who don’t have their voicemail set up and who only tend to check their email inbox once a week.”



“Candidates who think it’s fun to have a coloured background on their CV… “



“Candidates who use the phrase, “as you can see on my CV”, every 2 minutes during an interview… Yes, I can see it, it’s right in front of me, I’m asking you for more details, obviously…”



“Candidates who tell me during the screen that “of course they will prepare more on our company for the real interview”…”



“Candidates who lie about their salary and their experience.”



“Candidates who blame me for their lack of preparation – “but you told me to prepare on this and that” – Dude, I can’t give you the interview questions…”

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“When your agency only has one LinkedIn Recruiter licence or one Monster CV database licence that everyone in the agency is expected share…”



“Candidates who want you to find them a job, but they have no idea what they’d actually like to do.”



“Candidates who accept a role totally based on the salary offered, when you know in your heart and soul that the other company would be a better fit and offer them better success opportunities. Money isn’t everything people!”



“Clients who don’t give you adequate feedback on candidates who’ve not been successful in the interview process. How is anyone supposed to improve if they don’t know what they’re doing wrong?!”



“Hiring Managers who don’t actually know what they’re looking for and who change the job requirements on a regular basis making it difficult to source and pitch the role.”

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“Candidates who cancel their screens with 30 minutes notice and say: “I’m sorry for the short notice but after reading the job description I’m not interested in the position.” – So… you applied for a job without reading about it first?”



“Contractors who leave before the end of the contract period and permanent placements that leave within the first 12 months!



“Candidates who sends applications in bulk and apply to every single job posting you have open.”



“Candidates who respond: “I don’t remember applying to your company, which job was it?”…”



“Candidates that think recruiters are the devil reincarnate… Come on people, we’re not that bad!”



“When a candidate does a disappearing act on you just as your ready to make an offer…”



“Counter offers.”



“Candidates who tell the client they want a higher salary even though you prepped them on what the realistic expectation is.”

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“Candidates who don’t show up for interviews.”



“Bad recruiters. It’s quite a transient industry and there aren’t enough good managers to teach and train good practice so the whole experience for some clients and candidates is a bad one. Everyone has a bad recruiter story which to me is a real shame.”



“When a candidate fakes a brain injury, instead of just telling you they’re not interested in the job you’re offering… True story!”

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What’s your biggest peeve when it comes to recruiting? Go on, have a vent in the comments section below or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #RecruiterPeeves.





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