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23 People with The World's Most Ridiculous Job Titles

job titles


I would LOVE to see the Boolean string for each of these job titles! I mean, just think of the synonyms! Like, our one-stop sourcing tool, SourceHub, is good, but I’m not sure it’s this good:

1. Director of Sandbags

Ridiculous Job Titles

It’s not a job, it’s a calling.

2. Hairapist

Ridiculous Job Titles

3. Professional Snuggler

Ridiculous Job Titles

He grabbed this job with both hands.

4. Namer of Clouds

Namer of Clouds


5. Ranch Dressing Expert

Ridiculous Job Titles


6. Space Lawyer

Space Lawyer

You won’t be laughing when the martians come…

7. Extreme Unicyclist

Extreme Unicyclist


8. Head of Elephants

Ridiculous Job Titles

No tusk is too small for this guy…

9. Penguinologist

Ridiculous Job Titles

I’m officially jealous.

10. Parkour Specialist

Parkour Specialist


11. Knitter-in-Residence

Ridiculous Job Titles

Check out that fee! Sweet gig if you can get it!

12. “Fun Club” President

Fun Club President

You’ll find him in the kitchen at parties.

13. Bride Kidnapping Expert

Ridiculous Job Titles

Now there’s a CV we’d all be fascinated (but most likely appalled) to read!

14. Teen Exorcist

Teen Exoricst

And she wonders why she doesn’t have a boyfriend…

15. Chief of Unicorn Division

Chief of Unicorn Division


16. Bear Biologist and Paperfolder

Bear Biologist and Paperfolder


17. Bread Scientist

Ridiculous Job Titles

He must be making some serious dough…

18. Head of Potatoes

Head of Potatoes

“Good job, Sarah. Those potatoes never stood out of line.”

19. MILF Commander

MILF Commander


20. Cat Behaviour Consultant

Cat Behaviour Consultant

Like seriously, where can I apply?!

21. Writer/Wizard/Mall Santa/Rasputin Impersonator

Writer:Wizard:Mall Santa:Rasputin Impersonator

Is there no end to this man’s talent?!

22. Pornography Historian

Pornography Historian

Just imagine the fun “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” would be.

23. Chocolate Beer Specialist

Chocolate Beer Expert

Carlsberg lied. They said they didn’t make jobs…


Happy Friday Recruiters! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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