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24 Terrifying Job Ad Blunders (Halloween Special)

job ad blunders

In 3 days time, little children everywhere will be doing their best to scare the lives out of unsuspecting adults in the hopes of receiving candy for their efforts. But recruiters the world over are already trying to frighten away thousands of job seekers by making some of the silliest job ad blunders known to man.

‘Bust’ or ‘busty’ instead of busy. ‘Ruining’ instead of running. ‘Booing’ instead of booking – yes, the internet is rife with dodgy job ads. And for the weekend that’s in it, we thought we’d share some of the most terrifying (read: hilarious) job ad blunders that have graced real job boards in the last 12 months:

1. I would have preferred to work for a busy store, but I’m desperate so…

job ad blunders

2. Miss your turn and you have to wait until the week after ????


3. This sounds like a fun job!

job ad blunders

4. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

job ad blunders

5. That bullet point No.4. Can you even say that these days?!


6. I’m sorry, but just what are you asking me to do under bullet point No.7?!


7. Shall we just poo in and see them?!

job ad blunders

8. If Clint is so good, why are you advertising to replace him?!

job ad blunders

9. Does that mean slow???

job ad blunders

10. Company prat required!


11. It’s a very different approach to the norm, we’ll give them that…

job ad blunders

12. No, not really…????

job ad blunders

13. I used to know a person like that…????

job ad blunders

14. It’s just a pity whoever wrote this didn’t…

job ad blunders

15. Not sure about bullet point No.4 ????


16. Is you? (I wasn’t aware Ali G had become a recruiter)

job ad blunders

17. Would 2 out of 3 be okay?!

job ad blunders

18. If you see a parking space at this job, GRAB IT!

job ad blunders

19. You have to be regular to apply for this job.

job ad blunders

20. Dreams do come true!!! ????


21. Third time lucky ????

job ad blunders

22. This sounds like fun! Imagine just phoning people and booing down the phone ????☎️


23. ????

job ad blunders

24. Job for a serial killer?

job ad blunders


????Have a frightfully good Halloween, Recruiters!????

P.S. Want more job ad blunders? All of the job ads featured in today’s post were first featured on the Really Bad Job Posts Twitter account (@JobPostShame). Follow them for more job post related hilarity (and just pray you never appear on their account!)

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