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26 Most Ridiculous Recruitment Related Stock Photos

The world of stock photography is littered with strange, indescribable and often unusable images. We’ve all seen the blog posts. But surely a subject as straight forward as ‘Recruitment’ couldn’t garner anything too off the wall? Oh how wrong I was:

1. Bending over backwards to find great candidates?!

2. The 90s are hiring and they want YOU.

3. It’s probably not best to “bare all” in a job interview.

4. “Your future success is now in your hands! ” Wow… why does the future look really like a tampon packet?

5. Great Employer Branding at it’s finest!

6. A subtle and classy way of attracting candidates.

7. It’s never OK to try playing footsie during an interview.

8. *judging you*

9. Oh yes, that classic coping mechanism adopted by a “young businesswoman who is troubled”.

10. Wow…..that’s em…..morbid.

11. And again with the zombie comparisons…

12. This is getting weird now. Is this what they really think of us???

13. Security?!

14. Yes, always be sure to watch out for the “Sly employer confusing jobseeker”.

15. *Crippling laughter ensues* Oh Kevin, you’re too much!

16: ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

17. Interviews should always take place in your local torture chamber.

18. What?

19. “Can’t wait to get started on that giant pile of resumés!” Said no recruiter ever.

20. Huh?

21. Even aliens have hiring requirements.

22. Not sure if he’s delighted to get the job, or about to go on a muderous rampage because he lost it…

23. The poignancy of it.

24. And the metaphors just keep on coming.

25. Just how laughable was that resumé?!

26. He may look happy, but that’s just depressing…

Type “Recruitment” into your favourite stock photography website and send us the link in the comments below!

P.S. I also dare you to use one of these in a presentation next week 😛

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