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3 Genius Ways For Agency Recruiters To Get More Clients

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Agency Recruiters Winning More Business

For agency recruiters to remain competitive against competitors, it’s important that they think outside the box when looking for way’s to attract new business. Convincing a manager to choose your candidate over others can be tricky to say the least. Therefore, finding the best talent out there will make the task a whole lot easier.

Many agencies focus their efforts on putting time and effort into cold calling. But what other ways can consultants use in their personal recruiting strategy? Today, we will look at how you can develop more business that will make managers swoon!

1. Candidate Relationships Are Key

Your clients expect the best candidates. This is a given. However, how do you ensure that you’re sending on the quality they’re looking for? Leveraging candidate relationships is the very first step of this process. The task of feeding quality talent to your clients will be next to impossible if you have little to no relationship with your candidates.

Getting to know your candidate can be time-consuming, but it’s also vital! Your client will usually have a list of expectations and your candidate won’t be any different. Knowing these expectations before sending them over to a hiring manager will allow you to assess if the candidate is the right fit for your client. Tapping into how much knowledge your candidate has about the industry they’re applying for will allow you to decide if they will be a good fit for your client. Not knowing a candidate’s full background can work against you, especially

2. Ask For Referrals

Referrals can be a true selling factor when it comes to winning more business. In my opinion, most agencies don’t do this enough! Always make sure that you return to previous success stories that you’ve worked on. Why? They are called success stories for a reason – there was a positive outcome. Usually, when there’s a positive outcome, your referral is from then is probably more likely to lead to a placement.

Client referrals will also save you time and effort when looking at the candidate’s backstory. Therefore, these referrals become more qualified than that of one you randomly sourced. The staffing industry as many of you know is SO competitive with certain industries struggling from a talent shortage. Therefore, count your lucky stars when a qualified referral falls on your desk! Metric around time and quality of hire could very well be boosted!

3.  Network!

Regularly reaching out to your network is a definite no-brainer. But how do you do this effectively? LinkedIn has been the obvious first port of call for many agency recruiters when looking to connect themselves to new business. And why now – it’s the most renowned networking platform in today’s working world. The beauty about LinkedIn is that it’s accessible and talks little to no time at all to reach out to potential clients.

Furthermore, networking events can be a great way of raising your agencies profile. There’s every chance that you could collect a few hot leads from an event – and that’s great – but that’s not the most important thing to take away from a networking event. For many agencies, this is where they initiate there the first point of contact with a potential client. Business is all about connections so make sure you’re not shy about handing out your business cards.


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