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3 Clear-Cut Reasons Why You Should Hire & Pay An Intern


Hiring an intern has a number of positive benefits attached to it. In most cases, you’re hiring a young determined individual who’s looking to add more experience to their portfolio. They are eager to learn and keen to impress! Hiring an intern will also allow you and the more experienced employees in your company to focus on the more important aspects of your business. Usually, if the intern performs well during their probation, the company will end up hiring them. Although, this isn’t always the case! Here we take a look at some of the pros and cons around hiring an intern, and why it’s important to pay them during their time there.

Hire Top Talent

When hiring anyone for a role in your company, you’re hiring them based on the fact that they are a good fit. It means you believe they have the necessary skills to excel in their role at your company. The same thought process should be applied when hiring an intern. When push comes to shove, you want to be hiring the best talent out there and if you’re not paying your intern, do you honestly think that you’ll be recruiting the next top talent? Probably not!

So when you’ve hired your talented intern, you should look to utilising their skills asap. You want to provide them with experience that will make them an important asset to you company. If you run a quick search online for “internships”, you will see that many are offering them a mere bus fare and lunch. This simply doesn’t cut it for a 40hr week. If your intern is adding to the revenue of your company then surely they deserve a little more?

Enhance Your Employer Branding

Paying your interns will have a positive effect upon your employer branding in the long-run. To be seen as an employer that is willing to pay for rising talent will encourage more talented interns to apply for roles in your company. When hiring an intern, you are investing in not only their future, but the future of your company. Overall, an employer will generate positive coverage if they offer an internship programme that is beneficial to the intern.

Many employers have had their interns run to and fro for a mere cup of coffee. Not only could this have a negative effect on your employer branding in the long-run, but it’s also misuse of talent. Keep in mind, that employers with a strong talent brand drive 2x of applicants per job compared to other companies. Keeping your intern motivated throughout their time in your company is paramount. Ensure that a manager is assigned to keep an eye on their progression, and that this manager is available for any questions your intern might have.

Happiness Is Key To Their Success

A paid intern is a happy intern. Obviously you want an intern that is eager to learn during their time with you, and usually those who excel will be offered employment after they’ve completed their internship. Now, we’re not talking paying your candidate a 6 sum figure, but even offering minimum wage along with company benefits can go a long way. Unpaid internships are have built up a bad reputation, especially for poor working conditions.

Ultimately, it’s proven that paid interns are more satisfied in their internships than unpaid interns. Their satisfaction isn’t purely down to the money side of things either. There is always going to be satisfaction around being paid for doing a job correctly. It also makes you feel like a real team player, as opposed to feeling like “the intern”. If it’s a case that you won’t be paying them, then make that crystal clear to them well in advance.  Clearly outline what they’ll be learning and set a clear definitive goal for them to follow.


So where do you stand on internships? Do you agree with paying interns or do you believe that experience  should be the main motivator for an intern? Let us know on our Twitter or join in on the discussion on our online community.

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