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30 More Ridiculous Recruitment Related Stock Photos

As we learned from our last foray into the weird, wonderful and altogether quite disturbing world of stock photography, it’s filled  with strange, indescribable and often unusable images. But just when I thought I’d seen the worst of all the ‘recruitment’ related stock photography on offer, I came across these babies!

Tread carefully my friends, for you can never un-see what you are about to see *insert evil laugh here*:

There is just something so unnerving about this guy.

Hug me | Bad stock photos

“I’d kill to get that job!” And he did…

Perfect candidate | Bad stock photography

Oh yeah, candidates with hair are always FAR more desirable…

Bald people | Bad stock photography

Okay, you’re scaring me now! Can you let go of my hand?… Please?!

Recruiters: Walking calmly away from explosions since 1952.

… I didn’t say anything…

Candidate sushi? Ew.

“No, yeah, I’m in the interview now….. no this recruiter’s an idiot”

…And then they tore the candidate limb from limb.

Fight for candidate

“Businesswoman off the blocks”? More like, ‘Businesswoman off her block!’

Cos that’s not at all menacing…

“Talk to the hand sista!”

Gimme the job, or the laptop gets it.


“Yes Sir, that’s not quite what we meant when we said we were looking for strong candidates… And what in God’s name are you wearing?!”


People trolley | Bad stock photography

Me again.

I love you…do you love me?

Just a casual midday sherry… said no recruiter ever……. I think.



This resumés even worse than I expected!


Don’t tell, don’t tell me…. it’s a recruitment ‘lightbulb moment’ isn’t it?

Lightbulb moment | Bad stock photography

What in God’s name is a “Business Punch”?! By the looks of it, you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end!

Business Punch | Bad Stock Photography

Did you think you’d seen the last of me?

Creepy guy | Bad stock photography

“Mobile” recruiting you say? Nah, that’ll never catch on!

No way! I always forget that too!

To do list | Bad stock photography

You’re fired?

You're fired | Bad stock photography

This picture was entitled “Human Resources”…

Eating a candidate for breakfast


Strangling co-worker

Nope, I’ve no idea what’s going on here either.

Funny faces | Bad stock photography


Happy Friday Recruiters!!!!

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