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33 Office Pranks That Went WAY Too Far

It’s all fun and games until someone gets fired guys…

1. Putting a “voice activated” label on the toaster.

2. Filling your boss’s office with thousands of balloons.

Operation Inflate! Pranking our wonderful President, Pam with filling her office with balloons! #officeprank #shelovedit   A photo posted by Relish Marketing (@relishmarketing) on

3. Covering everything in wrapping paper.


When Oliver is away, we #officeprank #wrappingpaper #birthday #npcc #fsj #fortstjohn #yxj A photo posted by North Peace Cultural Centre (@north_peace_cultural_centre) on

4. Turning a filing cabinet into a fish tank.

Fish Tank Office Prank

5. Covering the room in pictures of the boss.


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6. Covering everything in Post-it notes.

Jeff's Office at Work

7. Covering everything in fake spider webs.


#officeprank #spiderweb A photo posted by Penny (@gizmosydney) on


8. Filling a cubicle with packing peanuts.


9. Stapling your colleagues to their desk.


10. “Bieber-bombing”.


A photo posted by @alicerabbit1 on

11. Trolling the office vegans.

12. Bubble-wrapping everything.


13. Replacing your boss’s chair with a goddamn toilet.

14. Turning a desk into a ball pit.


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15. Putting this terrifying image on the ceiling.

16. Opening the 10-hour version of Nyan Cat in 80 separate windows.

17. Covering everything in cling film.


18. Filling the place with takeaway cartons.

19. Making a fortress of red cups.

Solo Cup Cubicle

20. Destroying everyone’s eardrums.

21. Covering everything in birdseed.


22. Planting cress seeds in the keyboard when your colleague’s on holiday.


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23. And committing this vicious act of cruelty.

I almost wish I worked in an office still to pull this prank! #notthatmuchthough

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ⒽⒺⒶⓉⒽⒺⓇ ⓈⒺⓇⓇⒶⓃⓄ (@sarcasticfitnessmama) on

24. Sellotaping Arnie to the underside of your colleagues mouse.

What do you do when work is boring? Start a prank war lol me = 1 coworkers = zero #bored #officeprank   A photo posted by Brian Haruno (@kabukimono808) on


25. Inserting a surprise rage-face Nicolas Cage into their disk drive.


26. Giving their phone the rubber band treatment.

All work and no play makes Eva a dull girl. #normalthursday #officeprank #officefun #evastrikesagain A photo posted by Eva 欣欣 (@hpgirl1890) on

27. Tinfoil everything! (Fun fact: I have actually helped pull off this prank before ;P)

A photo posted by Penny (@gizmosydney) on

28. Making the resident cat lady’s day!

29. Unleashing World War III on their desk.


#transformer #prank #pranks #officeprank #officepranks #transformers   A photo posted by The Ohio Flea (@theohioflea) on

30. Chair Free Fridays!

Where’s my chair? Tim pranking the team at the new office ???? #officeprank A photo posted by Cashinbis (@cashinbis) on

31. Rearranging their keyboard.

32. For the cereal fiend in the office.

Back to work today and there are stickers everywhere haha! #officeprank A photo posted by Teri Frazer (@teri.frazer) on

33. Adding a new member to the team.

Office pranks at the Red Oak Montclair office. . Photo (and scream) by @spampam . #RedOakRealty #OfficePrank   A photo posted by Red Oak Realty (@redoakrealty) on

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