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5 Bits of Recruitment News You NEED to Know - 10th March 2014

In the news this week:

Glassdoor uncover valuable Insights into Software Engineers’ Job Seeking & Recruiting Preferences

Glassdoor, the jobs site and career community, have gathered a number of insights regarding how soon Software Engineers plan to look for a new job, how long they tend to stay in a job, how important culture is to their job search, and how they like to be approached by recruiters. Key survey takeaways included:

  • 1 in 4 Engineers say they plan to look for a new job in the next 3 months. 17% of female engineers plan to do so, versus 26% of males who plan to do the same. This indicates that now is a key time to hire Engineers.
  • 25% of Engineers report they stay at the same employer for 2-3 years. 24% stay for 5 years or more. 1% said they’d stay less than a year! This is good for recruiters to note if evaluating a candidate’s online profile and their likelihood of jumping to a new job opportunity.
  • 52% of Software Engineers are likely to accept less money to work at a company with great culture. This statistic is testament to the huge role both a great culture and employer branding play in the recruiting process.
  • When asked what Software Engineers like recruiters to do when approaching them, one person noted “Tell me me about the good and bad of your company. Why do I want to work there over some other company?” But when it came to the topic of recruiting turn offs, one Software Engineer said: “[Don’t] ask me to contact my friends if I’m not personally interested in a position…it feels like you are asking me to do your job for you.”

Has the Active-or-Passive Debate been rendered Irrelevant?

In other survey related news, with the help of their Talent Trends 2014 report, LinkedIn have discovered that although 75% of the fully-employed workforce identify themselves as passive candidates, or not actively seeking their next job, the figure isn’t really that straight forward. When LinkedIn delved into the figures they found that of that 75%, 12% where actively looking for work, 13% were casually looking for a new job a few times a week, 15% were reaching out to their personal network for job referrals, and a huge 45% were open to speaking with a recruiter.

LinkedIn Talent Trend Report 2014 - Active or Passive Candidates

LinkedIn go so far as to say that “when you add these “approachable” passive candidates to the 25% who say they are actively looking for a new job, 85% of the global workforce should be considered fair game.” “Your mission is to get into your target audience’s line of sight via whatever means you can. To warm them up as a sales and marketing team would a potential customer. To influence their perception of your organisation as a place to work – so that, when the right career comes up, they are more likely to click on the opportunity or say yes to a conversation.”

New LinkedIn Recruiter Update: Searchable Custom Fields

Custom Fields were first added to the LinkedIn Recruiter offering last year and as LinkedIn put it were created in order to help recruiters “keep track of proprietary candidate information such as work authorisations or desired salary”. As of last Wednesday, LinkedIn improved the offering by making those Custom Fields searchable.

LinkedIn Recruiter: Searchable Custom Fields

For an example of how to use custom fields to save time and zero in on the right candidate more quickly, visit the LinkedIn blog or check out the Slideshare below:

Track and Search Candidates using Custom Fields in LinkedIn Recruiter from LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Recruiting on Facebook?

Good news for anyone recruiting and contacting candidates using Facebook! Facebook have recently updated the way email addresses work. In the past, any messages sent to a user’s email address were delivered to their Facebook messages. However, the new update means that any messages sent to a user’s email address will automatically bypass their Facebook message and land straight in the inbox of their primary email account attached to their Facebook. I don’t think we really need to point out the obvious opportunity this affords recruiters who have sourced a candidate via their Facebook account, but wish to contact them away from their personal Facebook account.
Facebook Email Addresses

Now that’s Effective Employer Branding!

Thought Iowa state was just a bunch of cornfields? Well, Iowa software company, MetaCommunications, have decided to dispel any previous misconceptions about the state’s employment environment and build interest in their company’s jobs, by rigging up two webcams to the side of their building which allow viewers and potential employees to “enjoy the stunning view of the city’s skyline day or night” and see that Iowa really is a thriving American state and city ripe with employment opportunities.

MetaCommunications | Iowa software company employer branding

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