7 Hopeless Advertisements That Failed Miserably

Dylan Redmond
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A lot of time and effort goes into advertisements, not to mention a crazy amount of money. Unfortunately, sometimes the wheels come off the wagon, and brands end up looking a little silly. It can be their intention to look silly, but best believe that the general public will be quick to pick up on any mistakes made.  The public are a tricky and unforgiving bunch, so you’d think big brands would be extra vigilant? Obviously not! Here’s 8 ad campaigns that will leave you stumped. I mean….what were some of these brands thinking?

1. All roads lead to…..diabetes?


2. Losers, step right up!

(Source: dailyedge.ie)

3. Let’s keep it PG out on those stands folks.

(Source: reddit.com)

4. Can you spot why this ad might have been taken down?



5. So how much are we talking here?

(Source: rsvlts.com)

6. There’s a time and a place….come on!

(Source: reddit.com)

7. I’ll take a pass on this one….


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