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7 Hopeless Advertisements That Failed Miserably

A lot of time and effort goes into advertisements, not to mention a crazy amount of money. Unfortunately, sometimes the wheels come off the wagon, and brands end up looking a little silly. It can be their intention to look silly, but best believe that the general public will be quick to pick up on any mistakes made.  The public are a tricky and unforgiving bunch, so you’d think big brands would be extra vigilant? Obviously not! Here’s 8 ad campaigns that will leave you stumped. I mean….what were some of these brands thinking?

1. All roads lead to…..diabetes?


2. Losers, step right up!


3. Let’s keep it PG out on those stands folks.


4. Can you spot why this ad might have been taken down?



5. So how much are we talking here?


6. There’s a time and a place….come on!


7. I’ll take a pass on this one….


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