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77% of LinkedIn users log-in at least once a month

Samuel Lau just tweeted a question from #truLeeds asking is anyone knows how may of LinkedIn’s 100 million profiles are “active” in response to a discussion that Mark Williams is currently leading at the hugely popular recruitment “unconference” that is taking place in Leeds today and tomorrow.  It’s a great question so I thought I would dig up an answer.   Here we go:

According to LinkedIn, they have just over 100 million members (based on data released in May 2011).  Mashable report that 56% of these users are outside of the US so I am going to guess that 44% are in the US and that these users are fairly representative of the wider network (you may or may not choose to agree with me there!).  By that rational, there are 44 million member profiles in the US.  Comscore report that LinkedIn had about 34 million unique visitors in May, therefore I figure 77% of the 44 million log on once a month (34 million is 77% of 44 million).  Its probably not 100% accurate but I reckon it’s close.  Anyone else out there with better data?

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