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BeKnown Jobs Tab - potential for sure, but currently flawed

Monster’s fastest-growing professional networking and recruitment app on Facebook, BeKnown – launched in June of this year, has a new feature, and a key one at that.

Jobs Tab, which is free for employers to use, could well prove to be a game changer in terms of getting companies to start adding their jobs to BeKnown.

Just as BeKnown, which provides an easy way to connect professionally and to search for and apply for jobs without leaving Facebook, is a natural extension of Monster, the Jobs Tab is a natural progression of BeKnown Company Profile pages, and makes it easier than ever for employers to extend their brand to more than 800 million people on Facebook.

Employers will be able to do a number of things with Jobs Tab, which is available globally. Most notably, Jobs Tab enables employers to establish a brand, which is recruitment-focused, on Facebook and allows visitors to follow their company and become part of the future talent pipeline. Furthermore, employers will be able to introduce people on Facebook to all current job opportunities within their organization and facilitate conversation between employees and potential candidates to drive high quality referrals.

So: how do you apply this tab to your company’s Facebook page? We tried in vain, but could only get half way to launching a successful tab. Here are the steps we followed:

Step 1: Log in to BeKnown through Facebook. You need to have a BeKnown profile to set up this tab. This is remarkably easy to set up, just search Facebook for BeKnown and follow their wizard process.

Step 2: Once you’ve done this, your employer name should be hyperlinked. Click this, and claim your company (obviously only if you’re authorised to do this). BeKnown will send you an email to confirm, and then once you’ve done this start editing your company profile.

Step 3: Edit your company information, logo, locations, summary, manage the permissions of the company profile to other BeKnown users in your company, and then manage your jobs tab. There’s also a handy button called “Post a job”, click this to start adding jobs in your company for free (to your first and second degree connections on BeKnown, live for 30 days). If you advertise jobs on Monster already, then add the job listing ID and it’ll show in your stream.

This is as far as we can go, unfortunately, since our Jobs Tab on our page, when you click on it to view all current live jobs in the company of choice (in our test scenario this was a Receptionist job at Social Talent), it brings you to the BeKnown application and your BeKnown profile and not our lovely jobs tab that we spent the last half hour creating. We can’t see our job, and our company profile cannot be seen. We hope that this is a temporary glitch and that BeKnown will fix it fairly sharpish since this is the first full day of launch around the world.

Have you had the same problem as us launching your own Jobs Tab from BeKnown? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE (17:35) : The guys from Monster and BeKnown have been in touch and are testing the process to see where the problem lies. It may be a browser issue (we use Chrome and have tested it in Safari, Chrome and Firefox), but as soon as a resolution appears we’ll finalise the tips for the process in how to launch your jobs tab for your company Facebook page.

UPDATE 2: Thurs Dec 8: Monster have fixed our tab issues, and the tabs are now working correctly. Go check ours out here! There was nothing else to the process, once you add the job to your tab its then live on your page.


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