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The Best Paid Careers on the Planet! (Infographic)

It’s not quite “the done thing” to ask what salary someone earns, but let’s face it, we’re all nosey creatures and we love poking our noses where they don’t belong! That’s where this infographic from the Brighton School of Business & Management comes in. It’s got all of the deets, without the all of the sneaking around!

Discover what the best paid careers across the globe are, what the best global salaries are, what the pay gaps between the different regions are, and ultimately, whether or not you chose the right career 😛

Best Paid Careers

Source: Brighton School of Business & Management

Top Takeaways:

  • Medical professionals enjoy the highest salaries in the world
  • The best global salary can be found in the US
  • Banking professionals are the most highly paid in the UK
  • Medical professionals are the most highly paid in the US
  • Employees in Kuwait enjoy the highest average salary per country, followed by Germany
  • The disparity between the salaries of top earners and average salaries is highest in China, the US and the UK. The average earnings lie within 11% of the top earners.


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