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Beyond The Brand: How NewsWhip Spots Recruitment Trends Before They Happen


Welcome to our new series where we’ll be touching base with global thought leaders. We’ll be giving you VIP insight into what they do, how they do it and what they hope to achieve now and into the future. Within each interview we’ll be looking at it from a recruiters point of view, and see how our guests can make the lives of recruiters and HR Managers that little bit easier.

This week we talk to Colm Roche, Product Coverage Manager at NewsWhip, who outlines the rollercoaster journey NewsWhip has been on as well as how their unique algorithm can help recruiters source better content for their candidates.

Q. First things first Colm, tell me a bit about NewsWhip’s background and how you guys got started?

NewsWhip was started by Paul Quigley (CEO) and Andrew Mullaney (CTO) in April 2011. We opened our New York office in 2014 and have since relocated our Dublin HQ to our own building on Merrion Square. Having joined the business in January of 2016 as their first Technical Analyst, the team stood at approximately 22 employees.

Just over a year later we have 57 employee spread between Dublin & New York across functions including Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Product, Machine Learning, Engineering & Design. My role has expanded to owning the product coverage for both our News Discovery Platform ‘Spike’ and our recently launched ‘NewsWhip Analytics’. To learn more about the team at NewsWhip, please see here.

Q. How would you describe NewsWhip as a product to someone who has never heard of it?
NewsWhip tells publishers what’s going to be viral, before it’s viral. Our patented algorithm can predict with high accuracy the number of social engagements that will be attributed to a piece of content online. It is this crystal ball offering that has earned our place working with some of the biggest publishers in the world including the Associated Press, the Guardian & the Washington Post to name a few. This value add is also applicable to brands and agencies as we continue to work with brands like Reebok, Walmart & Mastercard.
Q. How does the NewsWhip search algorithm work?

NewsWhip technology weighs different signals and behaviours accordingly to calculate maximum engagement in real time. Basically, NewsWhip is a content intelligence platform that provides you with real-time social engagement data that can help you plan, deliver and analyse your content strategy. The Irish Center for High End Computing found that NewsWhip’s algorithms can predict 79% of major viral stories. Today, via social velocity and prediction scores, any NewsWhip user can see the rising and falling rate at what content is getting traction, in any industry, within 60 languages. Our live dashboards are continuously updated giving you a view of what’s engaging the world right now.

Q. In what way could recruiters and HR managers use NewsWhip’s search algorithm? How would they benefit from using it?

NewsWhip Analytics shows you what themes and stories are driving engagement over the long term. Recruiters and HR managers alike could use Analytics to understand what keyword or content works on each platform. Recruitment companies or departments can create more engaging stories, by executing a data-driven content strategy that improves their overall strategy. This would then assist them in attracting top quality talent.

By simply searching recruitment keywords for 2016 as a whole, you can identify recruitment topics that drove the most engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest. Last year it was the keyword ‘Job Interview’ that earned the most engagement in this area with a total of 3,289,930 social engagements.

When looking at the social distribution you can quickly identify the best time to publish content for these keywords and capitalise on these historic uplifts in engagements. If you look at the above, it’s clear that the keyword ‘Job Interview’ generated the most social engagement in March 2016, vs December 2016. This is naturally down to candidates spending more time with loved ones or partaking in other activities around Christmas rather than submitting job applications.

Q. What advice would you give to recruiters looking to increase engagement with their clients on social?

I would recommend recruiters as well as their marketing teams,  identify & understand what topics are driving the most engagement online that are specific to both candidates and clients. Knowing what matters most to both audiences allows the recruiter to enter the conversation as it happens and from there, add value by way of targeting them through valuable content. Just as brands and publishers seek to build authority in a crowded marketplace, so too must recruitment companies who already work in a notoriously competitive landscape. Knowing what social network your candidates are using , what content they engage with and then building a consistent content strategy to become part of that engagement. This can be the difference between finding the right talent and not.

Q. What’s next for NewsWhip? Where do you see yourselves this time next year?
We recently secured a Series A round of investment worth $6.4m. With this we will be making senior level hires that will take our business to the next level. Paul Quigley, our CEO wrote a blog on this recently here.
Q. You can see that you genuinely speak with passion when talking about NewsWhip, does their company culture play a big part in its success?

The culture at NewsWhip is great. Hours are flexible, with most starting at 10:00 am with there being no obligation to do overtime. Of course, with any start-up, you need to get stuck in and when it makes sense, go that extra mile. It’s a ship we’re firmly sailing together and the motivation to do so is in abundance. Having recently secured our second round of investment and working with new global publishers every week, we know we’re going in the right direction. Albeit biased, I’d recommend this company to those seeking to make a visible impact in the publishing industry. Our software allows publishers to do their jobs better and improving on that is something which is exciting us all.

Video: What It’s Like To Work In Newswhip

About Colm Roche:

Colm Roche is the Product Coverage Manager with NewsWhip and is responsible in managing a team of 6 QA Associates to exponentially grow and maintain millions of stories each day. If you’d like to learn more about what Colm does, why not connect with him on LinkedIn.



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