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12 Things To Do After You've Published a Blog on LinkedIn

On Tuesday we shared our comprehensive guide ‘7 Steps to LinkedIn Publishing Success‘, showing you EXACTLY what, why and how you should be posting blogs to LinkedIn’s brand new content publishing platform, as apart of your wider social recruiting methods. After asking yourself what you want the blog post to achieve, what tone you want it to have, what you’re going to blog about, grabbing the readers attention and publishing the post on LinkedIn, step seven told you that the last piece in the blogging jigsaw was to share, share, share!

After writing and publishing a quality blog, the next most important part of the whole process is to promote it. After all, you’ve spend the time and effort planning and writing it, now it’s time to get it out their for the world to see and make sure as many of the right people get to see it as possible. That’s where this infographic comes in. This superb checklist (as the title might allude to) provides you with 12 steps for getting your blog promotion strategy right and ensuring your blog is the talk of town. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and get promoting like a Sourcing Ninja!

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