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Defining Today's Job Seeker (Infographic)

Just what does today’s job seeker look like? What’s their attitude to the job search? What are their demographics? How do they use social media? More importantly, how are recruiters using social media in comparison? Are we keeping up with our candidates job search methods? Are we complimenting today’s job seeker or are we at odds with them? Luckily, Jobvite have conducted a survey analysing social networking trends and dynamics within the job seeking population to give us some great insights into the mindset of our talent pool:


Do you have a good understanding of how each of the main social networks can be utilised in your sourcing efforts? In our Understanding Social Networks module (as part of our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment) we introduce the basics of each of these social networks and show you how to market your jobs, build better relationships and develop your reputation within the sector(s) that you hire for. To find out more, contact our sales team at or download our prospectus here.

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