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€2M seed secured for video-based recruitment startup

Job UFO, a Berlin-based start-up focusing on video recruitment has secured a €2M seed for their business.

The app helps to facilitate job applications through video, and focuses on the individual personality of the candidate. The app includes personalised CVs and the ability to upload a personal application video.

The service has the capability of integration into online platforms, so that it can be embedded into company career pages. This eases the application process and highlights the interest in large companies in the future of video in recruitment.

Speaking to TechCrunch, JobUFO co-founder and CEO Thomas Paucker said: “The HR market is overloaded with too many information and recruiting tools”.

“This makes it very hard to find the best process of applying to a job. That’s why everybody is writing the same motivational letters. You still need a laptop and there is no real first impression of yourself when you apply. Recruiters do not read motivational letters because someone else could have written it. The longer a recruiting process is, the higher the average dropout rate of an applicant”.

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