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How to: Effectively Engage Passive Candidates over the Phone (FREE Download)

engage passive candidates

We recently surveyed over 300 recruiters all over the world, and we discovered that the best response rates from passive candidates were reported by recruiters who use the telephone to reach out on a regular basis. Yep, in fact 50% of recruiters who said they used the phone to engage with passive candidates on a regular basis, reported response rates of 40% or more. And none of the  recruiters who used the phone to contact potential candidates, reported response rates any lower than 10%.

In contrast, of the recruiters who use LinkedIn connection requests as their primary method of communication with passive candidates, just 22% reported response rates of 40% or more. That means that using the phone is over twice as successful as using a connection request when it comes to engaging passive candidates, meaning that recruiters who use the phone, are twice as productive as those who don’t.

So why aren’t you using it? Well, if you’re anything like me, the reason why you often fail this crucial step in the recruiting process in favour of emails or InMails, is because of the fear associated with having a spontaneous conversation with a candidate versus a controlled message sent via email. With an email or an InMail, we don’t get caught off guard. We don’t have to use our brains to think quickly and answer any unplanned questions a candidate might have. With an email, we can take our time to mould our pitch perfectly.

The problem is, the the average response time to an email is 72 hours if at all, but the response time to a  phone call… well, a phone call’s response time is instant.

To help you conquer your phone demons and start successfully engaging passive candidates, we’re giving you Access All Areas to the “Using the Phone” episode of our Engaging Talent module, where you’ll learn how to find anyone’s email address and phone number, how to tackle the dreaded “Gatekeeper”, how to determine and stick to your objective during the call and how to close the call effectively so that your response rates rise dramatically.

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