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Employee Engagement in the Workplace (Infographic)

Why Is Employee Engagement Your Responsibility?

When it comes to maintaining employee engagement, there’s often a mentality that it’s the employee’s responsibility to stay focused on the work at hand. Disengaged or distracted employees are perceived as lazy and not dedicated to the job.

But the reality is, employee engagement affects every person in a company, not just the disengaged worker. It affects their colleagues who have to cover for them, their bosses who have to try to manage someone that doesn’t care, and even the recruiter who’s responsible for bringing them onboard. (After all, you don’t look so great if you bring a person to the team, only to have them become dead weight.) That means it’s everyone’s job—including yours—to help motivate employees.

Before you can start engaging employees, you have to understand what causes them to disengage. (Truth bomb: employees don’t disengage because they’re lazy.) The team at Company Folders reveals the real reasons employees disconnect from their work, how they cope with their dissatisfaction, and how you can help make things right.

(Source: Company Folders)



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