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If Everyone Was Honest at Job Interviews (Video)

They say honesty is the best policy… but neither Recruiter nor Job Seeker should ever, ever, ever be this honest!


Happy Friday Recruiters!

P.S. Next week we’re bringing you The ULTIMATE Recruiters Guide to Mobile in 2015 so you can start your year off 10 steps ahead of everyone else. We’ve got one of the best guides on How to: Avoid the Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes (some of the guys in this video needed that one!). We’ll have Part 3 of our “In-Demand” series – Top 10 In-Demand Jobs in Healthcare – in which we’ll be listing the top 10 job titles in the healthcare industry, the top 5 employers of each of those titles in the UK, US and Ireland, and a comprehensive, ready-to-run Boolean search string for each title. And yes, there’ll also be another Friday Funny coming your way!

See you next week!

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