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Facebook’s new Profile Page and what it means for Recruiters

Just in case you haven’t heard yet; Facebook have started rolling out a new look Profile Page to its users. The new page is pretty cool and provides us with a long overdue overhaul to how everyone’s personal profile is presented with lots more screen space for photos, connections and most importantly for us recruiters, career information.  If your profile hasn’t automatically been updated yet, you can go get the new profile here.

So why should Recruiters be excited about this otherwise mundane development?  Well, when you first go to the new Profile Page you are prompted to edit and update your information with a HUGE section devoted to your employment experience.  Here you can add a list of your jobs and your qualifications with sections for adding plenty of further detail.  Now the smart ones amongst you will already know that Facebook always allowed you to do this but the real change is the prominence that employment information now has in the new profile.  I reckon that people are much more likely to update this section now which means Recruiters are finally going to be able to access some of this rich biographical data.
Facebook remains a real challenge for recruiters and sourcers as the privacy settings ensure that we can access very little info on prospective candidates but even if it just means that user data is better profiled to allow for improved Facebook Advertising matches, it’s a start!


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