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Transformational vs. performative DEI leadership

Jessica Havens, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant and Strategist

DEI in the workplace is an ongoing discussion. Every company is trying to find their path to create diverse and inclusive cultures, but it’s true to say that some are more successful than others. Performative acts of DEI are omnipresent – think rainbow flags at Pride, woke-washing, box ticking exercises – these do little to create actual, transformative change. So what can leaders and organizations do to counter this?

Our guest, Jessica Havens, is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant and Strategist. On this week’s show, she’ll be helping us to identify the difference between surface and actionable DEI change. We’ll examine the issues companies are currently grappling with in this sphere, discuss the importance of budget and structures, and the tricky element of privilege when it comes to leadership and DEI.

Next episode: Wednesday 11th May | 4pm GMT

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"Fear, discomfort and uncertainty are our compasses so don't run from those things, run towards them. Nothing great is ever born from the comfort zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Melkeya McDuffie

CHRO, The Wallace Foundation

"You are in charge of your own career. You need to do whatever it takes to reach your own goals and objectives."

Jan Ackerman

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Oracle

"We are in a really priviliged position in talent roles to help people realise their careers. We should always remember we are dealing with human beings with feeling and emotions. It sounds simple but can often be forgotten."

Becks Clarke

Head of Talent - EMEA, Adobe

"Don’t seek advice, often times when we look for advice we already know our opinion and are looking for validation. You are the best person to make your own decision so go with your own voice."

Hung Lee

Founder, Recruitment Brainfood

"Job applicants should know what they love and what they don't love and recruiters had better find out. The world of recruitment is changing and what managers forget is that they need to re-recruit the people that are already there."

Bev Kaye

Author, 'Love 'em or Lose 'em'

"You have to be adaptable. You can have a negative attitude to change and that will impact everything badly or you can look at change as an opportunity. "

Jill Larsen

Chief People Officer, PTC

“To get better engagement with hiring managers and help them get better at their craft, we need to establish what good looks like and then establish feedback mechanisms. One way I have seen this done well is by having recruiters surveyed on hiring manager performance instead of the other way around.”

John Vlastelica

Founder, Recruiting Toolbox

"P - I = R. Potential minus Interference equals Results. Have a D&I goal and make that goal your potential. Then think of all the things that are going to challenge and potentially derail that goal, that is your interference. Attack all of that interference and get it out of the way so you can get results."

Torin Ellis

Author, 'RIP the Resume'

"If you're just starting out, find a leader not a job. Somebody you can learn from and somebody that will believe in you. In relation to talent, treat people right. We are in a people business and that needs to be at the forefront of your mind when dealing with people because reputation lasts forever." 

John Wilson

CEO, Wilson HCG

"Build a good name. Do whatever you can to invest in others and support the community and your workspace. If you have that as your north star in your career, you will excel and you'll build great relationships and networks.

Lars Schmidt

Founder, Amplify

“Being a recruiter is a relationship business. The ability to build relationships, get people talking, build a network inside your business, and really understand your business is what will make a recruiter successful.”

Graeme Johnson


“Be up front about the adversities and realities of your organisation. Protect the culture of your company by hiring people that are a match. Don’t just sell the sizzle of the role.”

Bryan Adams

CEO, PH Creative

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