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The Shortlist is a series of conversations between Johnny Campbell and influential members of the recruitment and TA industry. Each week, they will discuss the current news stories and their impact on the industry as a whole. Broadcast live on YouTube and LinkedIn, tune in for your chance to interact, and get answers to the big questions.

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Johnny will be joined by Barbara Lee, SVP of Global Talent Acquisition at Nielsen. Barbara will be talking to Johnny about how Nielsen are making adjustments for the post-COVID workplace.
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Shannon Custard

Candidate experience

Wed 30th September

Barbara Lee

Post-Covid hybrid offices

Wed 7th October

Christoph Niebel


Wed 14th October

Previous Episodes

Shannon Custard

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by Shannon Custard, Global TA Manager at IKEA. They discussed the importance of maintaining a positive candidate experience and Shannon filled Johnny in on what the talent acquisition team at IKEA are doing to prioritise the experience of the candidate.

Eunice Clements-Tweedy

Johnny was joined by Global Head of TA at LEGO, Eunice Clements-Tweedy. In a really positive episode, they discussed the difference between culture fit and culture add. They also talked about LEGO's unique culture and how they hire to add to that culture.

Anne Fulton

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by author and founder of Fuel50, Anne Fulton. Anne literally wrote the book on internal career mobility. She joined Johnny to provide great tips and advice for organisations on how to become more internally mobile.

Jennie Shephard

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by Jennie Shephard, VP of Talent at Sunrun. They discussed the challenges of high volume hiring and the tactics organisations can use to make the process easier and find the best talent.

Torin Ellis

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny caught up with renowned D&I expert, Torin Ellis. They discussed the changing nature of diversity in the workplace and how to grow and maintain an inclusive workplace during these times of civil unrest.

Marc Coleman

On this episode of The Shortlist, Marc Coleman (Founder, Unleash) joined Johnny to talk about the results of his most recent survey. They discussed the sweeping changes to HR in organisations around the world and how the ways we work are changing.

Bryan Adams

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny caught up with employer branding expert, Bryan Adams. They discussed the growing awareness of employer brands and the effect a bad employer brand can have on consumer behaviour. They also looked at some examples of how organisations have treated staff through COVID 19 and the impact it has had on their employer brand.

Stacy Zapar

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by renowned sourcing expert, Stacy Zapar. They discussed the effect COVID-19 has had on sourcing. Stacy also provided great advice on tips on how to continue to source effectively during the pandemic based on her own success and failures.

Melkeya McDuffie

On this episode of The Shortlist, guest host Holly Fawcett was joined by author and talent leader, Melkeya McDuffie. They discussed what people can do to develop themselves and how organisations can encourage professional development.

Jan Ackerman

In this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by VP of Global Talent at Oracle, Jan Ackerman. They talked about the growing importance of internal mobility and gave advice on how organisations can improve their internal mobility.

Becks Clarke, Adobe

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by Becks Clarke, Head of TA EMEA for Adobe. They talked about the need for adaptability in TA teams and tha advantages that being able to adapt quickly can bring.

Hung Lee

Johnny was joined by the man behind Recruiting Brainfood, Hung Lee. They reviewed a curated selection of topics from this week's recruiting brainfood, exploring a wealth of topics ranging from how recruiters need to sell the struggle, tips on email marketing and some brilliant new advice on maximising productivity.

Bev Kaye

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by hr expert and author, Dr. Bev Kaye. They had a contagiously positive chat about engaging, retaining and developing your workforce.

Bill Boorman

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny spoke with Bill Boorman. They discussed where employer branding sits in a candidates decision making process, Bill helping to feed the homeless, and what the talent market really looks like now.

Jill Larsen, PTC

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by Jill Larsen, Chief People Officer at PTC. They discussed the ways in which industries have changed, and what unique challenges this has presented to CHROs.

John Vlastelica

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by John Vlastelica from Recruiting Toolbox. John provided great insights and advice on how recruiters can work as advisors to hiring managers to help improve their relationship.

Torin Ellis

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by renowned D&I expert Torin Ellis. They discussed the recent acceleration into the future of work and how it can be used as an opportunity to diversify your workforce, not an obstacle.

John Wilson, WilsonHCG

Johnny was joined by CEO of WIlsonHCG, John Wilson. They discussed WilsonHCG's experience of bouncing back from previous recessions and provided great insights and advice on how recruitment teams can best respond and ramp back up after a downturn.

Lars Schmidt, Amplify

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny spoke with Lars Schmidt about how HR and TA teams are reacting to COVID-19. They also discussed new technologies that could rise with remote working.

Graeme Johnson, GVC and Bryan Adams, PH Creative.

On this episode of The Shortlist, Bryan Adams (pH.Creative) and Graeme Johnson (GVC) joined Johnny to talk about strategising through uncertainty and why employer brand is more important than ever.

Joanna Abeyie MBE, Blue Moon

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny was joined by the one and only Joanna Abeyie. They talked about the long term implications after covid for D&I in recruitment.

Jerome Ternynck, SmartRecruiters

On this episode of The Shortlist, Johnny is speaking with Jerome Ternynck from SmartRecruiters. Together they discussed the rise of remote working and its possible impact on recruitment.

The Shortlist

"Fear, discomfort and uncertainty are our compasses so don't run from those things, run towards them. Nothing great is ever born from the comfort zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

- Melkeya McDuffie

"You are in charge of your own career. You need to do whatever it takes to reach your own goals and objectives."

- Jan Ackerman

"We are in a really priviliged position in talent roles to help people realise their careers. We should always remember we are dealing with human beings with feeling and emotions. It sounds simple but can often be forgotten."

- Becks Clarke, Adobe

"Don’t seek advice, often times when we look for advice we already know our opinion and are looking for validation. You are the best person to make your own decision so go with your own voice."

- Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood

"Job applicants should know what they love and what they don't love and recruiters had better find out. The world of recruitment is changing and what managers forget is that they need to re-recruit the people that are already there."

- Bev Kaye

"Don't be a dick... Never lose sight of the difficulties of a job search, don't make things complicated for people and look after your colleagues"

- Bill Boorman

"You have to be adaptable. You can have a negative attitude to change and that will impact everything badly or you can look at change as an opportunity. "

- Jill Larsen, PTC.

“To get better engagement with hiring managers and help them get better at their craft, we need to establish what good looks like and then establish feedback mechanisms. One way I have seen this done well is by having recruiters surveyed on hiring manager performance instead of the other way around.”

- John Vlastelica, Recruiting Toolbox

"P - I = R. Potential minus Interference equals Results. Have a D&I goal and make that goal your potential. Then think of all the things that are going to challenge and potentially derail that goal, that is your interference. Attack all of that interference and get it out of the way so you can get results."

- Torin Ellis

"If you're just starting out, find a leader not a job. Somebody you can learn from and somebody that will believe in you. In relation to talent, treat people right. We are in a people business and that needs to be at the forefront of your mind when dealing with people because reputation lasts forever." 

- John Wilson, WilsonHCG

"Build a good name. Do whatever you can to invest in others and support the community and your workspace. If you have that as your north star in your career, you will excel and you'll build great relationships and networks.

- Lars Schmidt, Amplify

“Being a recruiter is a relationship business. The ability to build relationships, get people talking, build a network inside your business, and really understand your business is what will make a recruiter successful.”

- Graeme Johnson, GVC

“Be up front about the adversities and realities of your organisation. Protect the culture of your company by hiring people that are a match. Don’t just sell the sizzle of the role.”

- Bryan Adams, PH Creative

“Try your best, and once you know better you should always do better. On inclusion, once you have heard the pitfalls or gotten advice on it you should act on it.”

- Joanna Abeyie MBE, Blue Moon

“Stop allowing yourself to be measured on faster and cheaper. As long as TA is measured by time to fill and cost per hire, we are never going to be able to be measured by the outcome that we produce.”

- Jerome Ternynck, SmartRecruiters

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