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Fake It 'Til You Make It- The Best Examples of Overcoming Imposter Sydrome


Even if you never had a word for it, we’ve all been exposed to the imposter syndrome (dun dun duuuuunnnnn)

That feeling that you’re not supposed to be there. Somehow¬†you managed to trick the recruiter, hoodwink the hiring manager and weasel your way into a position you don’t deserve. Sure you were elated when you got the job, but now? What if you can’t do it? You can bluff for a while but you’ll be found out eventually. What’s the penalty for making recruiters and hiring managers fall in love with you and offer you a job?

Surely it’s death?

To put your mind at ease we’ve collected samples of the most blatant imposters and the key to their success. Hint: they don’t give a good God damn.


1. Use industry jargon to make it seem like you belong





2. Follow the lead from other employees to help you fit in



3. Rest assured that you share similar qualifications to your new colleagues…

4. Nothing to see here, just two equally equal equals at work

5. Even when a job title fits as perfectly as ‘Science Lab’ you could feel like an imposter




6. Sometimes it feels like you stand out, no matter how hard you try to fit in

7. But don’t worry, research has shown that literally everyone gets this way at some point













So stay calm and just keep being your awesome self and find others who are just like you in The Social Talent Community

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