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FBML is dead; long live Static HTML for Facebook Pages

Tomorrow, Thursday 10th March is D-Day for FBML or “Facebook Mark-Up Language” and its most popular incarnation, the Static FBML Tab which provides web-page type features on Company Facebook Pages.

As of 10th March, you will no longer be able to install Static FMBL Tabs on your Pages, unless of course you have already done this.  If you already have a Static FBML Tab, you can continue to use it but the general consensus is that Facebook will soon stop even this.

So what’s the alternative?  Facebook’s answer is that you need to develop Facebook Apps built using iFrames which from a technical point of view is definitely better as it offers more features but for the layperson looking to add features to their Facebook Page, this is a real pain in the neck!

Alas, there is a knight in shining armor! Our friends over at Involver have announced the free availability of Static HTML Tabs which allow you to install free tabs built on their platform and code using html to get the same effect as the old Static FBML Tabs.  Even better then Static FBML though, they have added some really simple navigation features that allow you to just upload an image and the html code is written for you and also allows you to choose to display different images/ code to fans and non-fans without having to code the FBML script.  Genius stuff guys!

You can add the tabs for free here.

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