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Fifa switches 2022 World Cup to England

Breaking News – In the last few minutes FIFA has confirmed that Qatar’s 2022 World Cup will be held in England.

Concerns have been growing over the last few weeks that the 2022 World Cup, contentiously awarded to Qatar last month, will simply end up a disaster due to the high temperatures, which are likely to make it impossible for the players to be on top of their game.

Although there has been talk of moving the tournament to January, when the climate is less hostile, FIFA has now sensationally decided to switch the location of the tournament to England, long acknowledged to have had the best overall bid in any case.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter said: ‘The 2022 World Cup has been awarded to Qatar and that will not change, and the tournament will continue to be referred to as ‘Qatar 2022′. The only difference from the original plan, however, is that the tournament will now be played in England instead’.

Blatter continued: ‘That seems to be the most sensible way to deal with the many concerns that have been expressed to FIFA by a number of national football bodies about the Qatar climate.’.

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