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From Recruiter To Influencer: How To Make Your Mark On Candidates

Good recruiters can change lives, and great recruiters understand the power of influencing people. So, what makes people say ‘yes’, and how can you elevate your role from recruiter to influencer?

Enter Dr Robert Cialdini and his 6 Principles of Persuasion. We’ve outlined 3 of the main principles below, and you can check out the theory in full right here.


When we receive a Christmas card from a friend or relative we tend to feel obliged to send one back. This is called reciprocity, and it is a key factor in influencing the people around you.

Recruiters can use the idea of reciprocity to influence candidates, increase response rates and build relationships. Try inviting a candidate to an event, buying them lunch, or sending them a book that you recommend. This helps to build real relationships with people and influences them to want to do something in return for you. Win / win!


People want more of what they can have less of. Have you ever found yourself presented with an item you have little interest in, only to find that your desire for the product increases when told that there is only a limited number left? Scarcity is a very powerful selling tool and can be used by recruiters to influence candidates in a tangible way.

You can use this technique to increase the desirability of a role in a candidate. Try suggesting that the role is exclusive, or that the hiring manager has reduced the number of hires for the year.


Presenting yourself as credible and knowledgeable is one of the easiest ways to establish yourself as a leader and a figure of authority. Candidates will want to work for people and companies who are leaders in their industry, so it’s important to present the role as being part of something truly influential.

Recruiters can present companies, CEOs, managers and teams as authority figures by sharing articles, research and stories about the work they carry out. The candidate will be more likely to accept a role in an organisation which is presented as an authority in their field.


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