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Girl Quits Job Using 33 White Board Messages (Her Boss Responds in the Best Way Ever!)

Deciding to quit your job can be a liberating but daunting prospect. You’ve realised this job isn’t for you, now comes the tricky part – how to quit your job. Do you send your boss an email? Do you write them a letter? Do you bake them a quitting cake (it has been done!)?

When Jenny decided to quit her job as a Personal Assistant, she decided to do so in one of the most novel and unique ways possible – via whiteboard…

Girl Quits Job


So at this point you’re all probably thinking, “Fair play Jenny! You stuck it to the man and stood up for equality and fairness in the workplace. Good on ya girl!” Well, just wait until you see how her boss decided to respond to the news!

girl quits job



EDIT: Jenny’s been at it again! Read 15 MORE Messages from the Girl Who Quit via Whiteboard, here!

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