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How to: Hire Like Google

Looking to improve your hiring process? Well, it seems you can’t go two clicks these days without someone talking about how wonderful and fantastic Google is, especially when it comes to things like employer branding, product offerings, candidate experience and analytics. But as Recruiters, we feel, the real lessons to be learned from what Google offer, lie in their hiring process. So, how can you improve your company’s hiring process/strategy? Hire like Google:

Hiring Process | Hire Like Google

Looking to improve your hiring process even further? Our Employer Branding module, as part of our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment training course, will show you how to build a following of loyal and engaged company ambassadors that you can leverage to fill ongoing and volume positions. This module will also show you what best-practice looks like when setting up your Company Careers Pages on the core social networks and outline simple strategies to build and engage your fan base.

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