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How to: Get the Most out of Your LinkedIn Company Page

Company Page


FACT: Your LinkedIn company page is one of the best assets you possess for attracting talent, promoting your employer brand and establishing your company as a great place to work – yet fewer and fewer companies are making the effort to utilise their company page and get the most out of it. Bare bios, infrequent updates, unused career sections – we’re going to put a stop to all that.

Whether you’re creating a new LinkedIn Company Page or revamping an existing one, our guide to getting the most from your LinkedIn Company Page has got you covered. From crafting a killer company description to creating an eye-catching header image, we’ll walk you through the entire process of making your Page work for you.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Solid SEO Strategy

Leverage the fact that LinkedIn has already established a solid SEO strategy and consistently ranks high on Google searches. Because LinkedIn is a very popular and trusted website, its company pages rank well in Google, which means your company page has a better chance of appearing in the results of potential candidates’ and customers searches.

But in order to take full advantage of this fact, you need to put some work in first:

1. Make sure your LinkedIn Company Page is complete (i.e. all sections are filled out). I can’t stress this point enough. At the very least, your page should include basic information about your company including the industry you’re in, a link to your website and the address of your headquarters. But try not to stop there. Make the effort to list the size of your company, your company type, when it was founded, the company’s specialities, a header image, a company logo, and most importantly, a short, comprehensive description of what your company does.

2. Ensure to include SEO terms in both the company description and ‘Specialities’ section. Doing so is crucial to your searchablity. On their Company Page, LinkedIn has chosen to use SEO keywords like professional network and talent solutions to describe what they do, so that when people search for those keywords in Google, LinkedIn will appear in the search results. We have chosen to use keywords like “Recruitment Training“, “Black Belt“, “social recruiting“, and “Boolean sourcing” to describe what we do, so that anyone searching for any of those terms in Google will be more likely to come across our LinkedIn page in their search results. It’s a simple exercise that will yield massive results.

Unsure of which keywords to include? Think of your LinkedIn page as a second website to coincide along with your company website’s SEO strategy – the keywords you wish your website to be found for, are the same keywords you should be using on your LinkedIn page.

3. Keep your Company Page frequently updated. More on this a little bit later.

Make Your Header Work for You

A little bit of Photoshop can go a long way! You have the opportunity to include a large header image on your Company Page, so don’t squander it. This image is one of the first things visitors to your page will see and as a result it sets the scene. A successful image, needs to be eye-catching and it needs to say something about your company.

Here’s how to create a LinkedIn Header:

Step 1: If you are a Company Page Administrator, go to the page and click Edit’ ‚¬€œ> Edit Page’ from the dropdown menu.

linkedin company page


Step 2: Once in ‘Edit Mode’, scroll down to the ‘Image’ section and select the ‘Edit’ button. Your new header image needs to be 646 x 220 pixels or larger, a maximum file size of 2MB and must conform to either PNG, JPEG or GIF specifications. Click the Upload’ option.

linkedin company page


Step 3: It’s time to get creative. You need to ask yourself how you can use the 646 x 220 pixels of space provided, to best serve your company’s mission i.e. the whole reason why your company has a LinkedIn profile in the first place. As you can see, we used the space to promote our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course by asking visitors whether or not they are a Sourcing Ninja yet and incorporating our Sourcing Ninja hashtag along with our very own Sourcing Ninja character; Hiroto. It’s a simple design but it gets straight to the point, and it’s effective:

Step 4: Click Save’ and you’re done!

Share Content Regularly

It’s astounding how many organisations aren’t leveraging content on their LinkedIn Company Pages, considering it’s arguably the most critical marketing component of a Company Page!

Posting daily content updates is not only the third most important factor when leveraging LinkedIn’s strong SEO strategy, it is also the most effective way to organically attract new followers, directly engage with your target audience, drive word of mouth, and establish your company as an industry thought-leader.

One company who do content updates on LinkedIn exceptionally well, is Mashable (who made LinkedIn’s list of the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013). Because, while Mashable has tons of potential content to share (being a news website and all!), on LinkedIn they primarily dish out business and productivity tips, such as “How to Succeed at Business Without Becoming a Workaholic”  and more humourous, but still relevant, content like “If ‘House of Cards’ Characters Used LinkedIn,” for example. Both content types hit all the right notes with Mashable’s audience and as a result, their follower numbers grow sigificantly higher each week.

Unsure about what to share? We’ve found each of the following to be both popular and engagement-driving subjects on the Social Talent Company Page:

  • Company news – events we’re attending, welcoming new hires, job opportunities, website updates etc. Check out the example below:

linkedin company page

  • Thought leadership pieces – we share each and every one of our daily blog posts on our Company Page
  • Product releases – we share all updates and releases to do with our Mentor online training platform and one-stop sourcing tool, SourceHub, with our followers on our Company Page
  • Relevant industry news – we dedicate one update a week to what’s going on in the recruitment industry

linkedin company page

  • Industry discussion topics that ask followers to weigh in on hot topics – we sometimes ask questions of our followers relating to topical industry stories to see what their opinions are
  • Humour – we frequently share funny memes and images relating to the recruitment industry

linkedin company page

  • Webinars – we post the video recordings of every webinar we film on our Company Page

linkedin company page

  • Slideshare Presentations – if any of our staff members has been out and about giving a presentation, we will share their slides on our Company Page

Remember: every like, comment and share increases your reach. So encourage your employers to like and share company updates with their followers and prompt your followers to take action on your updates by asking thoughtful questions.

Make It About Your People

Not everything you post on your Company Page has to be a blog post or industry related news. Why not dedicate a couple of status updates to the people who work for you?

Company Pages are a great medium by which to introduce your customers and prospects to the people at the heart of your organisation. Doing so is a great way to solidify your reputation as a fun, vibrant place to work and helps build relationships and trust with your clients and prospects.

Having a cake sale in the office? Photograph the occasion and stick it up on your company page. Is it someone’s work anniversary? Take a photo of them with a cake and post it with a caption congratulating them. We did this for Reza a couple of weeks ago and it received huge engagement (and made Rez a very happy bunny!):

linkedin company page


We’ve noticed our Company Page follower rate increase by over 1.5% each week since we started posting updates highlighting the members of our team and what we get up to in the Social Talent office. So, why not try it for yourself and see how it affects your follower growth rate.

Check What Works for Others and Apply It to Your Own

Why not take some inspiration from the 10 companies LinkedIn users voted as the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2014? Check out their updates, see what they’re sharing, look at their header image, peruse their Careers section, borrow the best ideas and apply them to your own Page:

Best LinkedIn Company Pages in 2014 from LinkedIn


Promote It!

Last but not least – take the time to promote your Company Page. It might seem obvious, but you would be amazed at the amount of companies who forget to make a song and dance about how amazing their Company Page is!

Add the URL to your Twitter bio, stick it in your email signature, include it in the footer of your online newsletter, and add a LinkedIn follow button to your company website (to do so click here and type in your company name and the language you use).

linkedin company page


So, there you have it folks! Six ways to turn your Company Page from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Now go forth and WOW those candidates!

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