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10 Stages of Monday That All Sales People Know

Welcome back. ‘Another day another dollar’, ‘rise and grind’ and so on and so forth. No matter how much we try and cod ourselves, Mondays just aren’t that great. The weekend is still fresh in your mind and the week stretches ahead of you into the never-ending horizon. You know there’s another weekend to come but first…. Monday.

1. That first Monday morning coffee

2. Opening up your inbox for the first time on a Monday

3. Taking a deep breath and diving into the day’s work


4. Watching the clock tick. 10:30 seems like a reasonable lunch time…

5. Surviving your first meeting of the week winning an Oscar for role ‘most-convincing-portrayal-of-a-human-person-who-is-falling-apart-on-the-inside’.


6. Searching the internet for distractions like this pendulum cat, with the double effect of making it look like you’re typing.

7. Reminiscing about the weekend and smiling as the memories lovingly envelope you in a shroud of nostalgia

8. Navigating your way through the minefield of ‘how was your weekend?’ questions. IT WAS PERFECT AND GREAT AND AMAZING AND I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE you scream internally while you smile.

9. “Mondays are just a case of fighting fires eh!?” says the guy in the office who you never really liked and now definitely hate.

10. Congratulating yourself on only having four Mondays left before the weekend


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