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How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Page

How to optimise your linkedin company page

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Best Practice For Your LinkedIn Company Page

Everyone thinks they know how to make a company page. Write a description, add a photo and you’re good to go. But do you know how to optimise your LinkedIn company page so it’s easily found? We all want more views and clicks and Dave Hazlehurst (Google Dave) is a marketing mastermind who can show you how to make this happen.

Key Takeaways

Taking the time to cultivate a really strong LinkedIn company page will benefit your branding in the long run. Make sure candidates can find you easily and you’ll be sure to get more clicks. Whether you’re starting from scratch or your page needs some spring cleaning, keep these points in mind.

1. Think of Google make sure your description leads with powerful, keyword-rich sentences for optimum SEO
2. Investigate the different status update options. Try playing around with new ways of sharing your content- targeted marketing can be really powerful when done well.
3. Create something your employees are proud to share. Encourage people to share your content and promote your page by delivering quality content


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