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How to: STOP the Domino Effect of a Bad Onboarding Process (Infographic)

How’s your organisation’s onboarding process? What do you do to ensure that employees are engaged in their work and the company from day one? Do you welcome new starters with an employee handbook? Are they given sufficient technical training? Are they assigned a mentor? Are they told the performance expectations of their new position? Or do you make up one of the 68% of companies who don’t have any formal onboarding process in place?

Onboarding is an often-overlooked area of the recruitment process that can significantly affect whether an employee is engaged with your company. Providing inadequate training can have dire consequences for employee engagement. In fact, according to the below infographic from Onboardia, 56% of disengaged employees say they received ineffective training or none at all. However, 75% of employees who had good onboarding experiences say they feel loyal to their employers, and 62% of engaged employees say they’ve received proper training.

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