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Is Your Resume Up to Scratch? (Infographic)

Recruiters are continually inundated with bundles of CVs any time a vacancy arises, and time is not a luxury they have in abundance, so unless an applicant does their utmost to make their CV stand out from the pile, their hopes of even getting an interview are extinguished straight away. It is a shockingly common occurrence that applicants fail to even read through their CVs to spot elementary spelling mistakes, an oversight that will immediately lead to their rejection for a job vacancy. Employers are also turned off straight away by the inclusion of banal clichés about being a hard worker or working well under pressure. Anyone can say it; not many can provide the hard evidence to back it up.

This excellent infographic from Australian payroll and contractor management company, Ayers, is recommended reading for any job seeker in need of guidance as to what to include in a resume, and the all too common pitfalls to avoid. It is no exaggeration to say that a five-minute proofread of your resume could be the difference between ultimately getting the job or immediately being rejected by a recruiter.



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