5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Click Through to Your LinkedIn Profile (Infographic)

When 97% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find candidates, as a job seeker, you really can’t afford not to put your best foot forward on the world’s most popular professional network. Because, while you might be the perfect candidate for the job, if your LinkedIn profile isn’t up to scratch, you won’t be found by these recruiters.

This infographic lists the five biggest mistakes you can make on your LinkedIn profile and crucially, how you can avoid making them. If you do one thing to further your job search efforts today, be sure to not only read this infographic in full, but also to download our FREE whitepaper entitled “How to: Create a All-Star LinkedIn Profile“.

linkedin profile

Click the infographic to download the Bullhorn.com Social Recruiting Report in full. Sources: AvidCareerist.com and http://linkedin.in30minutes.com

If you’re a recruiter looking for solid, reliable and ultimately productivity enhancing LinkedIn search tips and techniques, check out the LinkedIn Sourcing module as part of our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course. We’ll show you how to master LinkedIn search regardless of your account type or network size, and we’ll do so by teaching you how to apply our Universal Search Method to your LinkedIn searches, how to filter your searches to always find the best candidates first, and how to make sure you see every single member’s full name and full profile. So what are you waiting for?! Download a copy of our recruitment training course prospectus now and get on your way to becoming a Sourcing Ninja!

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