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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit: 5 tips for social media marketing success

Krishna De, local social media favourite is here to discuss best practice in Social Media marketing in place of Darragh Doyle from who couldn’t make it today.

She is going to use real examples to show what different companies are doing in the social media space to be successful.
Goshido focused on LinkedIn as their method of raising capital through social media. Within 8 workings days they raised ‚¬162k. They had a clear goal and a clear strategy for achieving that goal.
Since then, many of their customers have come from that initial activity on LinkedIn.

Unique Content is vital. The people you connect with in LinkedIn are very different to those who you may connect with in Facebook so you need to stop and think before syndicating the same content across multiple social media channels. Segment your listeners.
Guinness are the example being used to show how they provided very unique content on Facebook for their Arthurs Day event. They have a separate page focused on their sponsorship of rugby in Ireland. On this page they have contributions from actual rugby players including photos and behind the scenes content. The actual players are doing this, not an agency.

Integrate your Programme.
Understand how your content strategy fits in with your overall marketing strategy.
Example is Eircom Connect. They set up a cross functional team including marketing, legal, hr etc to work with the community manager to understand the impact on processes and procedures.
Dell have several accounts on Twitter that fall into 4 different areas: engagement, support, sales and retention.

Build your email list.
You need a relationship marketing plan, don’t forget about email marketing. Make sure that you still have an email newsletter and that it is integrated with your social media strategy. Use the 80/20 of great content vs advertising. Bring your social media followers into your email marketing database even if it’s just asking them to join through a tweet.
Marks and Spencer in Ireland do not have a website, they have a Facebook page and run promotions through it. Part of their strategy is to build a lead database. Use it.

Introduce social commerce.
1800 flowers in the US and Delta Airlines allow you to purchase through Facebook. Is there an Irish example? Yes. Meteor have a larger campaign branding themselves as “your social network” and are engaging very successfully with their 18-25 demographic. They now allow you to tup up your phone credit without leaving Facebook. Their app also allows you to ask friends to top you up.
They are also launching a Facebook Shop which will allow you to buy a Pay as You Go phone on Facebook, offering a unique discount for buying on Facebook.
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Question from the audience on what do you do if you need to rebrand your company and need to change your Facebook URL. Answer is that if you have less than 100 fans then you CAN change it to a new name as of this week. Krishna implies this is a bit of a grade secret so has asked us not to tweet it. Oops!

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Jonathan Campbell is a Director of Select People, a specialist headhunting firm and also the co-founder of social media consultancy Social BPO/ Social Talent, which grows and manages talent communities on social media sites for recruiters. Check out our Facebook Page: for more information.

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