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The Cold, Hard Facts of How Intuit Changed Their Candidate Experience

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Candidate Experience: Intuit Case Study

Jennifer Mullen has been one of the most interesting people we’ve had the pleasure of filming for our platform. Her candid approach and frank honesty led to real learning and we can assure you it’ll be beneficial to you too. In this video she explains how her own experience of a less than perfect candidate experience led to a big opportunity for positive change.

Key Takeaways

Candidate care is a constant factor within a great recruitment process. It’s certainly not a quick fix but there are lots of things you can start implementing straight away;

  1. 4/5 candidates say that their experience during the interview stage is indicative of the company’s culture.

2. Are you asking the right people the right questions? There’s no point asking successful hires for their feedback it could be skewed in your favour and won’t reveal the real pain points.

3. Do you know the standard of interviewers you have within your company? Start shadowing some interviews to get a true idea of the calibre of interview your company conducts.

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