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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR

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AI meets HR: Recruiting Technology

Matt Charney digs into the true impact of AI on HR and Recruiting world. Despite the plethora of articles and research around the benefits of a tech fluid workplace, there are few investigations about how it has really impacted the people on the ground even if there has been a change to the business as a whole. Matt talks about these changes here:

Key Takeaways

If you’re fretting about being left behind in the race to adopt technology the good news is you mustn’t worry. Studies show that your competitors are likely feeling the same way.

  1. Surveys indicate that hiring professionals have mixed feelings of opportunity and fear when we think about the potential of AI in the industry.

2. So far, artificial intelligence appears to have had a relatively small impact. It has largely replaced trivial elements but this will change in the future.

3. So without a giant budget what can you do right away to implement tech into the business? Chatbots are the perfect place to start. 


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