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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Where Should We Go For Our Christmas Party?

Deck the halls with bows of holly, fa la la la la la la la

Oh yes folks it’s 81 days until Christmas and we’re feeling mighty festive of a Friday here at Social Talent. Why? Well because the destination for our annual Christmas party is currently being discussed. This year we’ve decided to keep it slightly more “local” (last year we went to Barcelona) and head just across the water to the United Kingdom. But we have a dilemma. We can’t decide where in the UK we want to bring the holiday spirit too and we’re hoping you guys will be able to help us with that. We have a total of 5 cities to choose from and we want you to tell us which is really worth the visit:








So where do you think we should spend the yuletide singing carols and guzzling down mulled wine? What has Glasgow’s nightlife got to offer? Is Edinburgh Castle in the snow a must see? What’s the shopping like in Manchester at Christmas? What’s on in London over Christmas? Can we afford to miss the beauty of Cardiff in December? Answers and opinions in the comments below or on Twitter using the #socialtalent hashtag. We can’t wait to hear your suggestions 😀

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