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Tony Perzow is the undisputed expert of negotiation. He has built his career on teaching large corporate companies the importance of skillful negotiation. In this video taken from the SocialTalent Platform, Tony walks us through the Four Gears of Negotiation. Once you understand the principals of negotiation and how different scenarios require different thought processes you’ll never feel unprepared again.

Key Takeaways

Now that you understand there’s a science to negotiating you can start planning and preparing before all the minor negotiations in your professional life. Keep these points in your mind and you’ll never go wrong.

  1. Companies rarely have formal negotiating procedures, but it is a skill that can be learned
  2. The four gears of negotiation will help you become a more nuanced negotiator
  3. Gaps in negotiation can be overcome using these four gears, competitive, organisational, collaborative and personal

For more information on Tony’s world-class negotiation training, download our free SocialTalent Guide to Negotiation.

The SocialTalent Guide To Negotiation

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