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Is that smell even human? What recruiters are thinking during interviews...

“Oh God, how do you pronounce their name? It looked so easy on paper but maybe the ‘M’ was silent, like ‘Mboscodictiasaur’?”

“Hmmm, they didn’t take me up on my offer of a glass of water- that’s not a reason to be suspicious… Or is it?”

“I don’t think the term “chef” really applies when you work the till at McDonald’s”

“Is that a twitch? Maybe they’re nervous… must. not. discriminate. against. twitches.”

“ohmygod they’re perfect can I offer them the job now? it’s only been 10 mins… I’ll wait a bit longer”

“That smell… Is it me… or is it them? Is it even human?”

“They can’t be serious”

“No… Babysitting doesn’t really count as managerial experience”

“I wish I had the balls to ask for the salary this guy is asking for… Ignorance really is bliss”

 “Is this even the same the person that wrote this CV?”

“I reeeaallyyy hate my job”

“I reeeaallyyy love my job”

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