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6 Watercooler-Worthy Recruitment News Stories to Discuss this Week - 18th July 2016

In recruitment news this week:

Is Google Starting Its Own Job Board?

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Well, that’s the rumour, but according to ERE Media’s Brian Blum, “no one has details, no one is willing to talk on or even off the record, and Google itself isn’t saying a word”. Mentions of a Google job board has been frequent at a number of recruitment events across Europe in the last few months including RecTech in Amsterdam and at a meeting of The Network global recruitment alliance in Warsaw. But still, we have no conclusive evidence that it will actually happen.

But if it did, what would a Google job board look like? And how might it affect the recruitment industry? Blum was keen to find out so he decided to ask a number of classified executives for their thoughts:

  • David González (Red Arbor) told Blum the threat of a Google job board would “depend on what they want to do with it. If they want to become an aggregator like Indeed, the risk would be low. If they go deep as a [full-fledged] job board, that would have a high impact.”
  • Przemek Gacek (Grupa Pracuj) had just the opposite view, saying Google as an aggregator would definitely impact his business as well as other job sites which rely on Google as a main source of traffic. “We would certainly not allow Google to scrape jobs from our site,” he told the AIM Group.
  • Terry Baker (RealMatch) said he would welcome a Google entry. “We assume Google would make it easier to buy and bid on employment ads.” Baker also believes Google would “crush Indeed, [which] discriminates against job boards, [whereas] Google would be agnostic.”
  • Monster Worldwide said “Employers and individuals will always benefit from additional help in connecting people with job opportunities and we encourage that activity.”
  • Henrik Christensen (JobIndex) suggested a Google job board would “most likely drive down prices and accelerate the move to pay-per-click.” He added that JobIndex had listed a Google job board as “a possible threat” as far back as its 2007 IPO prospectus, but hadn’t heard anything since then.

If a Google job board does manifest itself, how do you think it will affect your business and the wider industry? Do you see it as a positive or a negative? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join in the conversation on Twitter @SocialTalent.

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22% of Employers Believe Female Jobseekers are Disadvantaged in Tech Sector


New research from (in conjunction with YouGov), has found that almost one-quarter (22%) of employers believe female candidates are at a disadvantage when it comes to securing jobs within the tech sector. While 48% of employers admitted that they find it difficult to recruit for technology roles as there is reluctance to adapt current policies to encourage gender equality. Even more startling however, is the fact that three quarters of employers said they have no plans to adapt those current policies either.

But their discrepancies haven’t gone unnoticed. 59% of UK employees claim there are more men in tech and digital jobs within their workplace, while just 35% believe both sexes are equally represented in these roles. What’s more, on top of being underrepresented in these roles, 39% of employees believe women still have to work harder for a promotion or recognition. In fact, over two fifths of female employees say they have either experienced or witnessed gender inequality in the workplace.

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Sinead Bunting

Commenting on the shocking findings, European Director of Consumer Marketing at Monster, Sinead Bunting, said: “With a looming digital skills gap that is critical for our economy’s growth, we need to do all we can to encourage and support organisations in bringing on board more female talent, and todays research highlights there is still a way to go until females have equal representation within the technology sector. It was especially worrying to see so many employers admit that they had no plans to adapt their policies.”

What do British employees think needs to be done in order to address these inequalities? The top 5 things they think need to be implemented are:

  • Transparency on equal pay for women and men (55%)
  • Offering paternity and family leave to both men and women (43%)
  • Greater flexibility on working hours and working from home (40%)
  • More encouragement for women to study STEM subjects (32%)
  • More training for managers and staff on best equality practice (31%)

Bunting continued: “Here at Monster we’ve recognised that to truly move the dial and effect change we are stronger working as a unified collective. We have a need and an opportunity to build a dynamic, representative and commercially successful tech workforce. However we do need to rethink and change how we build our talent pipelines, how we recruit and how we retain our tech staff. The Tech Talent Charter is a way we can all work together to make that happen and that is something we at Monster and in the Tech Talent Charter steering group are incredibly excited about.”

If you’ve never heard of it, the Tech Talent Charter’s aim is to take positive action to increase the number of females in UK technology roles, to reflect the makeup of the UK population. The charter officially launched on 22nd June and signatures commit to:

  • Commit to best practice in recruitment by implementing the ‘Rooney Rule’ – interviewing at least one female candidate (where available) as part of the recruitment process
  • Encourage and support adoption of diversity best practice by adhering to the ‘tech inclusion’ accreditation scheme
  • Explore and collectively support initiatives to address longer term programmes to build a strong tech talent pipeline among the younger UK generation
  • Appoint a senior level, named representative with responsibility for the Charter commitments from each signatory organisation
  • Work collectively with other signatories to develop and implement future protocols that support the practical implementation of the aims of the Charter
  • Establish a set benchmark for measurement – signatories agree to share and publish the diversity profile of UK employees and any other work on equality, diversity and inclusion
  • To measure and monitor progress of the Charter and its protocols, publishing an annual joint report based on contributing data shared from all signatories

What do you think needs to change in order to address these inequalities? Take to our comments section to voice your opinion or give us a piece of your mind on Twitter @SocialTalent.

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CornerJob Raises Another $25m to Scale Blue Collar Jobs App via More TV Ads

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The Barcelona-based CornerJob, which focuses on low-skill, high-turnover recruitment via a smartphone messaging app, has just announced a $25 million Series B funding round — meaning it’s already raised a total of $35M in less than a year. What makes the new round of funding so interesting is what CornerJob intend to do with it. A significant portion of the funding is made up of a media for equity deals meaning the company will use some of the funds to grow their platform via more TV ads – specifically in the Mexican market. Surprisingly maybe for some, TV clearly still retains a mainstream hold on attention spans that can help tip digital marketplaces like CornerJob over the network effects barrier and bag them the large quantities of users they need to flourish.

CornerJob now has one million monthly active users and receives 650,000 downloads monthly downloads.

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Another Dating App is Set to Take the Recruitment Industry by Storm

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Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe Image credit:

By now most of you are aware of Tinder’s efforts to break into the world of recruitment, but they better watch their back! A new dating app is out to steal their thunder. Bumble, another popular swipe-based dating app, is launching a new networking feature to help users temporarily set aside dreams of love so they can match with someone who may help them advance their career.

The feature will work almost identically to regular Bumble which is designed to help you find a partner, and Bumble BFF which is designed to help you find a new friend. In fact, Bumble’s co-founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe says that BumbleBizz “was always part of the overall vision – to enable people to connect at the key engagement points in life. For love, for friendship and now for network.” The new feature will also be swipe-based, and let users create a new professional profile (which will exist separate from their dating profile) that holds information like what industry they work in, what their current job is, their education and more. The company will then use this information combined with geographical data to have an algorithm match users whose professional lives may benefit from being connected. And while the algorithm won’t take gender into account (meaning professional matches can be comprised of two people from the same or opposite sex), Bumble will still keep with tradition in requiring that woman have to initiate the post-match conversation.

How good a job will BumbleBizz do at matching people? That has yet to be seen, but if they get it right, the app could even give LinkedIn a run for its money!

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Data NEVER Sleeps 4.0

The fourth annual addition of Data Never Sleeps has been released by Domo and it illustrates exactly what’s happening at every minute of the day on the web. Truly fascinating stuff!

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Michael Page Recruiters Accused of Alcohol Fuelled Ski Trip Rampage

The vast majority of us are bound to have seen some questionable shenanigans in at least one of the hundreds of office parties we’ve had the misfortune of attending, but I doubt many have seen anything quite like the events that are alleged to have taken place at the Reindeer Ski Club at Mount Buller, Australia last weekend.

22 Michael Page Recruitment employees have been accused of extreme drunkenness and violent behaviour at the aforementioned resort in a now viral Facebook post written by the daughter of the ski club’s manager. It reads:

According to the Financial Review, in the wake of the doomed shindig, Michael Page flew into damage control last Monday, issuing a statement confirming some of its employees were involved in the incident and while it was not an officially-sanctioned work event, the company had nevertheless launched an internal investigation:

“We have been in touch directly with the people who were affected by the behaviour of the individuals involved and offered our unreserved apologies,” the statement reads. “We are undertaking a thorough investigation and and will make sure that all the individuals involved are interviewed and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. We are taking this extremely seriously and will do everything that we can to protect our company’s reputation.”

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