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Social Media Strategy - Tinker As You Go

I asked my family to review a short video/presentation that we produced describing how Select People recruit using social media and it’s importance to recruitment today and into the future. While not professionally produced we feel it is a good foray into making something that is not a dull word document that we can send to prospective clients, post on our website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets and is something that we can tweak, improve or discard for a new idea very quickly and at low to no cost.
I got mixed reactions to the video, from “WOW, well done” to my brother telling me it was “boring and looked unprofessional” and that it would create a bad impression of our company and we should employ a graphic arts company to produce something.
My response was to say all feedback is welcome, both positive and negative. Our feeling is that a high end production from a graphic arts company will cost a fortune and right now who has a fortune, also it could take 6 months to produce and to get it perfect at which point it will be old news.
Our feeling is that you need to get things out quickly or get left behind.
A lot of content on Social media sites is not perfect, mobile phone clips of news events are powerful because they are posted within minutes of an event or from an eye witness perspective. You can’t critique them for lack of direction or a grainy picture.
That said, we want to present the best image of our company and what we do within the time and budget constraints that we have and feel the best way to do this is to get content out there and learn from our mistakes, be brave enough to take the risk with our brand and let people criticise the bad bits and praise the stuff we do right but the main thing is to get it out there so that people are engaging with us and we are learning from the people that we work and interact with.
My father somewhat surprised me by saying his adage is “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly” and that the best thing is to get something out there working for you and tinker with it as you go. While it might seem somewhat counter intuitive I think the worst thing we could do would be to hold off on ideas until they were absolutely perfect and have no new content on our website, facebook page etc for months on end. Social Media provides information and content on the go and that is it’s power, he who hesitates will be left behind.

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