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The First 90 Days - Help New Employees Start Out on the Right Foot (Infographic)

Did you know that when new employees go through a structured onboarding process with a new company, they’re 58% more likely to remain there for over 3 years? 58% – that’s too big a statistic to ignore. Yet, in spite of this clear evidence of how important onboarding is, chances are that we can all recall a time when we started a new job and there wasn’t been a desk for us to sit at, a computer for us to use, or best of all – the niggling feeling that no one actually remembered that you were due to start that day!

Getting onboarding right really isn’t rocket science. It simply takes putting a process in place so that all new employees have the same experience when they start working in an organisation.

The good people over at HR Magazine have put together this infographic outlining all of the things that you can do in the first 90 days to help employees start out on the right foot. Things like letting the receptionist know that there will be a new starter arriving. Things like taking the new hire out for lunch on his/her first day. It’s all of these little things that could make the difference between having a long-term employee, or one that cuts and runs after the first couple of months!

(Source: HR Magazine)


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