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The New LinkedIn Company Pages (Coming soon)

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn’s blog yesterday evening announced the upcoming changes to be rolled out across all LinkedIn company pages – eventually. They’ve set up some test company pages with the likes of Dell, Hubspot and Philips and Citi, and frankly they look great! Ordinary companies not so in-like-Flynn with LinkedIn will have their updated Company Page by years’ end, according to Hubspot.

Danberly Corp LinkedIn Company Page


What’s Changed?

Several things, thank God. Firstly we’re greeted by a lovely Facebook-meets-GooglePlus Cover Image that allows for you to better enable your company to reinforce their branding.

Also, the section of text about your company will be moved to the bottom of your Comapny Page (it’s not really that important anyway) and instead more emphasis is put on your company status posts and recent updates (so your job advertisements that you’ve placed within LinkedIn, new hires who update their profile to now work at your company etc).

Your Products & Services section will be more prominent and placed on the right hand column, instead of the tiny tab that it used to work under. The first two products and services you have listed will be placed here, and a “See More” button to go to your complete services offering.

What Do You Need To Prepare?

Well, all other things stay the same – how your products and services are displayed, how you edit them, create alternative landing pages for potential customers depending on their demographic data etc. See our blog on Pimping your LinkedIn Company Page for information on how to do these activities.

Some helpful bits:

Logo Image: 100 x 60 px

New Header Image: 646 x 220 px

Products & Services Images: 640 x 220 px (Same as before)

Now, off with you and prepare your Company Page update, as it could arrive rather suddenly! What do you think of the new layout? Looking forward to it? Put your thoughts in the comments!

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