The nightmare roles making candidates unhappy (eek)

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Last week we brought you the top ten dream jobs that actually exist. From models to private-eyes (ooh!), it’s easy to imagine a level of job satisfaction in these roles. And let’s be honest, a decent salary can really take the sting out of the day to day.

A recent survey carried out by a UK job site has revealed the top jobs which cause the most amount of dissatisfaction in employees. Eek.

Topping the list was the role of a customer service executive, with 37% unhappy in their roles, and experiencing high levels of job dissatisfaction. Furthermore, it is reported that one-third of UK workers spend half of their annual working hours dissatisfied at work. Yikes.

Hospitality employees and administrators follow, with 34% reporting being unhappy at work. You can read the full list of dissatisfied workers here.

These findings can be jarring for a recruiter tasked with filling roles in these sectors. It is of the utmost importance that the right person is found for the right role, so that a candidate who doesn’t cope well under pressure won’t work in a fervent and impassioned environment.

For the sourcer and headhunter, browsing candidates in these roles might go a long way towards increasing hires. These passive candidates may be dissatisfied in their current role, and not even aware that they have the skills they need to launch a new career.

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